A soulful 22 year old singer/songwriter, Indianapolis based artist Emily Morrone creates intricately looped pop music as a self-proclaimed one-woman band. Her debut EP, “Blooming,” comprised of 7 songs she released as singles since 2015, featured a sound heavily influenced by acoustic pop and soul. Over the years and through much experimentation, Morrone’s musical direction took a few turns as she discovered loop-based live performance which utilizes a MIDI keyboard, Logic software, layered vocals, and live guitar, quickly taking the spotlight in her one-woman-band live performances. Her latest EP, “My Way,” demonstrates her passion of this unique feature, this time incorporating prominent elements of dance-pop and contemporary R&B. Also an LGBTQ+ advocate, Morrone infuses themes of searching and growth into her musical creations, allowing her to connect to new audiences in a way that defies her youth. The strategy is as follows: take catchy yet thoughtful pop songs, confidently sung, and generational appeal, and penetrate deep into pop's hinterland: this is Emily Morrone.